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Meet Baby Lucas

This shoot brought me to Newcastle New Hampshire!  While I am based out of Plano Texas, I do travel to New Hampshire often to visit family and friends and am happy to take new clients when I'm in town!  New Hampshire is a great place to take photos.  With mountains, beaches, quaint towns and lakes to choose from there is no shortage of perfect locations for an outdoor shoot!  Today I met a high school friend Caitlin to take pictures of her new family of three at the beach. 


Baby Lucas was a perfect gentleman.  He stayed wide awake until the very end so I got lots of pictures of his beautiful baby blues. 












When I do family shoots, I love to record interactions with a child and their parents.  This time was no exception.
























       I also ADORE black and white photos. Can you tell?




Because infants aren't running around on their own, this session was a little more formal than the type of candid shoot I typically do.  The scenery was perfection and I got a bunch of great family photos. 









































































After getting some shots of the family, I convinced Grandma to take a few.  Of course Lucas who had reached his photo limit for the day, started to cry.  While it didn't make perfect posed photos, I got my FAVORITE kind...natural candid shots.  I am so happy I made them take photos....this may be my favorite shot of the whole shoot.  






Do you need family photos or know someone who does?  Kristi B.E. Photography wants to talk to you! 












Until next time folks....


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