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The McMillian Kiddos of Three

Today's shoot was with the very cute McMillian kiddos!  I met the McMillian family in Prairie Creek Park for some pictures of the kids aged 4, 2 and 1.  I knew I could get some cute photos of them individually, but wasn't sure how successful I would be getting all three at the same time.... Here's what I got.....


Starting off with the Greyton


Followed by Hudson



And the sweet Mason



I got some sweet sibling love.....















As for those shots of all three of them?  Well this is what trying to shoot three kids under 4 looks like......





























After a few more attempts this was the best I got later...full of technical imperfections BUT they are all looking the same direction and not mid move. 




Are you or someone you know looking for photos of your family?  Kristi B.E. Photography wants to talk to you!









Until next time folks....


The pictures are amazing! The kids loved you. I love the ones of the three that show how tricky it was!
kim remphrey(non-registered)
Beautiful family!
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