Kristi B.E. Photography | First Texas Shoot With The Broome Family!

First Texas Shoot With The Broome Family!

This weekend I met up with my sorority sister Anna and her family for my first shoot in Texas! 

It was a cool 97 degrees but that didn't stop Christopher's fun!  He found many sticks and feathers to occupy himself with.  At one point I may have put sticks on my head and in my pockets and shimmied around to get his attention on the camera. 





     (He was not impressed)














I haven't been in Texas long but this park by my house has been begging for a shoot.  Pretty water, trees and tons of wildflowers!  Christopher sure seemed to like them.

















On this shoot I learned it's not a good idea to wear shorts, even if it is 97 degrees out.  This field of flowers while pretty, harbored a mysterious and nasty plant.  A few seconds after kneeling down to get a shot my leg suddenly erupted in a burning red rash!  It only lasted 24 hours but even while searching for the evil plant I couldn't figure out what it is.  Perhaps I need to take up horticulture if I plan on continuing my shoots in wild overgrown fields that I drool over. 





Mysterious plant reaction aside, I did get some of those great sunset glowing pictures I love so much!
























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Until next time folks........







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