Kristi B.E. Photography | Nephew Jake!

Nephew Jake!

All sessions are exciting to me, but this session was ESPECIALLY exciting.  I traveled to Lexington Kentucky to visit my sister and my brand new nephew to take some newborn and family photos while I was in town visiting!   Doing sessions in the home is fun.  The family is comfortable in their environment and it's easy to take frequent breaks as needed.  Meet my adorable nephew Jake!


















This photo below makes me giggle.  I was having my sister pose in front of the window and she said "What am I supposed to do? Hold him up like Lion King or something?"  Not really Kate, but now this photo will forever make me laugh.


















Guess what Jake did RIGHT when this photo was taken.

My fur-niece Sadie felt a little left out so I wanted to be sure to include her. 

Do you and your family need photos taken?  Kristi B.E. Photography is based out of Plano, Texas but has upcoming trips to New Hampshire and the Atlanta area.  If you like my photos please take the time to "like" my photography page on facebook!


Until next time folks!            


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