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Baby Clara and Big Brother Christopher

Clara Beth was born March 19th weighing in at 7lb 3 oz.  Last weekend I traveled to her home in Grapevine TX to take photos of her and proud big brother Christopher.  When I do a newborn shoot in a home, I like to take some posed photos of the baby, but I also think it's important to take some photos of the environment.  Her nursery, siblings and some sweet moments with Mom are all things that you will want to remember down the road.  Take a look at sweet little Clara!









It's no secret that I adore black and white photos.  I've even toyed with the idea with having my business "thing" be that I only shoot black and white but decided it would limit me in some cases.  I have to force myself to edit with color many times, but I couldn't tell the interaction between Christopher and his new baby sister Clara in any other way than in black and white.  When color is taken away the focus of the photos becomes the subjects and their emotion, rather than distracting details brought out by different colors. 









Sometimes big brothers need some quiet time and a retreat from baby a bunk bed fort with beautiful window light is just the place!

Kristi B.E. Photography works out of the Dallas/ Fort Worth area, but also books shoots in Atlanta and New Hampshire during visits to family.  Please 'like' my facebook page to know travel dates as they come up! 


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What beautiful photos! Making some special memories.
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