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Sister Fun in Black and White- Kristi B.E. Photography

When you are put on hospital bedrest for weeks followed by home bedrest as you wait for the arrival of your first little one, you start to think of all these great new hobbies you can take up that will entertain you so you don't go insane.  I decided knitting was going to be my new thing.  I consider myself a decent photographer, painter, sewer, and as a former Kindergarten teacher, something of a MacGyver of craft supplies.  I mean, I once made a rowboat paddle as a prop using a shower curtain rod, construction paper, a rubber band and a ruler.  Me learning to knit evoked visions of adorable swaddles and little hats for my baby, as well as hats I could make later to build my newborn prop supply for clients without spending hundreds on etsy as I currently do.  I have spent hours sitting in front of my computer watching youtube videos titled things like "beginner lesson, really slow for people who know nothing" as I attempted to learn.  I have discovered that I am without fail the WORST knitter known to man.  Needles are slippery, the yarn falls apart, everything I make ends up a bird nest snarl of yarn and I'm blindly following directions with no understanding of what I am doing.  I have finally made peace with the fact that knitting is not my art form and given up.  What better time to go through old sessions and add them to my blog! 


This group of photos is from a session this summer.  It was actually a family session but I wanted to blog just the girls and their silly interactions and edit them ALL in black and white.  Nothing shows expression more to me than a black and white photo.  Most of these photos were ones I haven't shared before.  It was fun to go back and pull out photos I passed over the first time.  Take a look at some gorgeous girls running around, playing with bubbles and windmills, pretty light and wind in their hair and all their expressions! 

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